Physiotherapy Clinic
Mohamed Fouda

Mohamed Fouda

Registered Physiotherapist.

Mohamed Fouda, Senior Physiotherapist and Prime Physio Plus Clinic Manager. Having earned his bachelors in Physiotherapy from Cairo University, prior to moving his practice to North America he spent several years as a physiotherapist at Al-Azhar University, and would go on to take up a long term contract with Kuwait’s Minister of Health.


Dedicated, determined and driven by his passion to help others, Mohamed’s ability to manage the needs of patients, clients and employees is a testament to his years of work in the field. Whether it be through the various opportunities he’s had to work with senior groups in the community as a Health Worker, or through his management of Rehabilitation groups in LTC residence of Professional Physiotherapy centres.


Mohamed finds a lot of gratification and reward in his position, knowing that he can provide an opportunity for his employe to find their own sense of career satisfaction and independence, complimented by his nature to help others live a healthy and as pain-free life as possible.