Physiotherapy Clinic

Patients who require Complementary and Alternative therapies like Physiotherapy or Acupuncture usually have balance issues. Balance is critical for proper movement including walking and running as well as psychological needs like confidence and management of anxiety. Impairment of Static Balance, which is essential for control of stationary body, may lead to fractures or falls. Restriction of Dynamic Balance, which is critical for movement, may lead to issues with muscle control and pain.

Balance issues afflict patients who are aging or who have medical issues related to the nervous system, vision, bones, ears, or organ system. Some common symptoms are issues with gait, balance, dizziness, and sense of motion. Athletes who have stressed and strained muscles due to overuse or repetitive use may experience pain and restricted motion.

Balance exercises include but are not limited to Weight Shifts, Bicep Curls, Head Motions, Leg Stances, Tandem Walking, and Tai Chi. These exercises create results over a long period of time so the patients are required to continue the balance exercises after the initial healing period is over.