Physiotherapy Clinic

Our custom orthotics are made from taking a cast of the patients foot. The cast is sent to a Pedorthist who will design the orthotic. The orthotic is custom built to fit the needs of the patient.

The whole process starts with an assessment test on the patient’s walking pattern while particularly reviewing movement and gait. The physiotherapist can look at the wear patterns on the patient’s shoes to check for subtle or severe imbalances in posture and walking.

Overall, custom orthotics can alleviate feet, knee, hip, and back pain by reducing pain directly effecting the soft tissues and by adjusting the patient’s body malalignments.

An orthotic usually lasts a few years and so it is recommended it be replaced every few years. As people age, regular reassessment of the feet and gait are required.

Give us a call and book an appointment to see if orthotics are right for you.

Custom Knee Braces

A custom mold is made for the individual and this mold is send to a Pedorthist who designs the knee brace. A knee brace is used to support and promote stabilization of an injured knee; for instance, it can provide support for a patient who is suffering from an ACL tear. These braces can also be used to reduce pain and promote realignment of the knee joint which is often affected with diseases such as arthritis. Furthermore, a knee brace can prevent flexion and extension instability of the knee which is often seen in muscular and neurological diseases. In physiotherapy a knee brace is not used in isolation but rather used in combination with physical therapy.